Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Holiday Spirit's coming around.

The lights are up on the house, and they look... um, okay.  If you ask me in front of my husband I will tell you that they are the most amazing, perfectly hung, (ummm... that's.what.she.said) lights EVER.  A little ego brushing never hurt a marriage, mkay?  I'm just trying to ensure he'll do it again in another 360ish days.

Our Christmas cards are done.  We're not too religious in this house, but I'm never going to pass up an opportunity to whore my beagle out to family and friends.  They can judge up, down, and sideways, but I love it.  They will be mailed later this week.

Now, I will shamelessly whore out my beagle to complete strangers on the internet.  (These are the photos used on our cards):

(the caption for this one reads "Be Merry") bahahaha. 

Here are a few other photos I've taken over the last few days around the house and for Cooper's photo shoot:


  1. Haha, great shots! Cooper's personality totally shines through. :) kudos to you on finishing the cards!

  2. So glad I found your blog! We just signed a contract to build a Highland Home. Cooper is precious! Definitely coming to you if we have any questions... you guys were both so organized!

  3. @Allison - are you in Texas? Let me know if you have any questions along the way. It was a long process, but we LOVE our home.