Monday, November 28, 2011

Who knew hanging lights sucked this hard?

Growing up, my dad took care of the exterior of the home.  This included mowing, weeding, seeding, pool maintenance, and Christmas light hanging.  He made it look so easy.  Little clips onto your shingles  that hold the light and BAM, your house is lit up like a skyscraper in about an hour.  Easy.  

We started the process of hanging our lights last night.  Being the first year we're in a house, The Husband took measurements and we had everything all mapped out before we even went to the store.  We ran around town yesterday morning to get all of the finishing touches.  I was so excited to help The Husband with one of our first holiday traditions in our home.  Two hours, and a lot of cursing later... this is what we ended up with.

It's (maybe) halfway done.  I just couldn't stand it any more.  This was a solid 2.5 hours of work.

Our house is really freakin' tall and The Husband is incredibly scared of heights.  Getting each one of the lights up was like pulling teeth.  The clips didn't hold correctly, our singles are too thick, male vs. female ends, the ladder being extended, then shortened, then A-framed, then higher A-frame.... uuuuuuugh.  It sucked.  Hard.

We're going to make attempt number two tonight.  Hopefully we can just get this done.
The Husband has already mentioned hiring someone to take care of this next year.  We're just not cut out for this....

 You can see here that we didn't add correctly, and the lights don't go all the way to the edge of the angle.  

 I'm hoping this part will be easier as it's straight... and there are gutters.  

Oh, and just for fun... here's a symbolic photo of our night.  Two fallen lights.  That we just left because climbing the ladder one.more.time. to fix them might have send either one of us over the edge.  

Yay holidays. 

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