Friday, March 30, 2012

In a moment...

...Life changes.

Friends and readers... there have already been a few concerns (that are resolving themselves quickly, thankfully) with our pregnancy (plus, it's just so very early)!  I appreciate your positive thoughts, and tight lips.  No facebook or any other "outing".  I bigger, more thoughtful post is on it's way.  
Thanks for understanding.  

Now, I will return to basking in my pregnant glow, thankyouverymuch.  

Friday, March 23, 2012

the couch as arrived.

Up until recently our house was pretty empty.  See our Empty Playroom here.  And our not-so-empty dining room here.  Thankfully, we were able to (partially) furnish the dining room for free just two weeks ago.  And now, just in the last few hours, the house has had some big changes! 

The Husband and I have a separate account just for furniture that we've been slowly adding to over the last few months (cause couches ain't cheap!).  Once we hit the 'magic number', I ordered it online that evening.  We had done lots of research, measuring, sitting, laying, etc on this couch in stores so I felt 100% comfortable ordering it online.

Here is the "before" of our living room.  Ugly love seat, chairs, and ottoman that were free to me.  The scale is way off and... well, there is  nothing positive to say about this.
(view from the extended entry way)
(view from the kitchen)

(view from the back entry way)

Last night The Husband and I moved all of the old furniture into the playroom (with the exception of one chair for additional seating).  We also pulled out a rug that was rolled up in one of the guest rooms.  

We had this rug out when we first moved in, but SIL's dog created some damage.  I was too pissed to think rationally and turn the rug - I just rolled it up to get it out of my sight.  The new sectional was going to be plenty large to cover this up and keep it safe from additional damage.  

(view from the back entry way)

Moving the old furniture into the playroom worked well, because it was 100% empty.  The scale of the furniture works much better in a smaller space.  We've already realized this is a great area for The Husband to program, and work from home.  It's not in front of a TV (key for his attention span) and it's still fairly comfortable furniture.   

This furniture arrangement is temporary.  Once we welcome kiddos into this house - it will transform from this "old man den" that we're currently working with...  to a real "playroom". 

And here is the after current state of the living room.  
(view from the extended entry way)

(view from the kitchen)
I think my new purchase will be a console table.  I don't love looking at the back of a couch.

(view from the back entry way)
The plan is a large leather ottoman as an alternative to a coffee table.  

Color:  Oat
Fabric:  Everyday suede 

So a few thoughts...
  • It's going to take some getting used to.  It's definitely an improvement, but I'm not sure if I'm hesitant because it's still so barren in that room... or what.  
  • I'm taking suggestions on the carpet placement.  Right now, it's centered in the room... but the couch is a bit off center in an effort to not close off the space.  I think it adds a great texture, but I'm just not sure yet.
  • The ugly plaid chair looks horrendous.  I was hoping we could salvage it by reupholstering, but that won't work.  It looks bitty next to that massive couch and it just can't stay.  I think I would eventually like to get another chair for that area, but I have no idea what.  I was REALLY hoping the chair would work because it was free... but I don't think it's possible.  Maybe something leather to match the ottoman?
  • Where can I buy pillows for this couch?  It needs color - stat!  

Monday, March 12, 2012

this is where I post something super private on the internet

If you know me in "real life" or even on facebook - here is where I ask for your assistance.  I consider this little blog a private space.  The Husband doesn't read it and I have not told any family about it.  I feel like having my friends and family read it takes an element of anonymity out of it.  I love that coat of privacy (even though it's clearly not... I'm publishing it on the inter webs.  Let me play dumb, please).  I request that nothing that I talk about here be put onto facebook where nosy aunts, uncles and neighbors can read.  

Now that that's out there.

The Husband and I are trying to have a baby.  
This is a very new development, and one that I am so excited about.

Two and a half years ago, the Husband had been married for almost a year... and I was getting "the itch".  I was spending some time online forum where a large portion of the conversation was about fertility, trying to conceive, raising children, etc.  ::itch, itch, itch::

While on this forum I read about a book entitled Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  After ordering the book online, I sat and read cover to cover in two evenings.  I was shocked about the fertility clues that I was so oblivious to.  The Husband was still unemployed at the time and we were not ready for children... but I felt so inspired and educated by the book.  After discussions with The Husband, we decided we would use the methods (charting, temping, checking CM) to avoid pregnancy once he was gainfully employed, and I could finally get off the birth control pill that had been ruling my life for 6.5 years.  

In January 2010, we tossed the pills and started using the more natural methods in TCOYF.  At that time, we decided we would start trying in January 2012 due to some financial goals we wanted to spend the next two years working towards.  I was on board with our savings goals... but my desires to start trying were much stronger once there was so much more stability with The Husband's income.  ::itch, itch, itch::

In January 2011 we took an (unplanned) leap of faith and signed a contract to build a home.  This was not in the 5 year plan, but we felt like it was the right time and the right decision.  We put 15% down on the house, so this obviously impacted our savings goals.  When we signed the contract on the house, The Husband and I decided we would need to push ttc back 9 additional months, until August 2012.  I struggled with this, but decided the home was the right decision and reluctantly got on board with our new plan.

Since we've moved into the house in June 2011, and gained even more stability (emotionally and financially) I have been bugging the shit out of The Husband to push up our ttc date.  The poor guy was subjected to my irrational pleads on a regular basis.  In what I can only rationalize as a weak moment, The Husband agreed to reconsider once he received his next annual review in April 2012.  When he said  "We will talk about this in April 2012, after my annual review.  Leave me alone about this.", I heard "We can start actively ttc in April, and I cannot wait to father your children".  I was stoked.  ::itch,  itch, itch, itch::

Last Saturday, The Husband and I were laying in bed chatting about a potential vacation in April.  He rolled over and said "I have been thinking about this, and I'm ready to start trying for a baby now".  

...Enter my gasp of air, and momentary pause in the beating of my heart... 
(Due to my predictable cycles and history of charting - the husband knew right where I was in my cycle - which happened to be 2 days before ovulation).  I was finally able to scratch that "itch" that has been bugging me for the last 2 years.

So we tried that night.
And we tried last night.
And you can bet all of your buttons that we're trying again tonight.

I am not naive to the difficulties so many people, including several of my own friends and family have endured trying to conceive.  I am just choosing to maintain positive because this is an incredibly exciting time in our lives and there is no reason for me to not soak up every second.  I'm sure a few months of negatives may eventually change my tune, but this post is about where I am in the process as of today.  Bring on the two week wait.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

living room floor plans.

We have been in desperate need of living room furniture.  We have been sitting on a tiny love seat and two chairs that were given to me when an elderly family member passed away.  

What we have right now is way too small for the space... and so far away from our taste it's laughable.  I have to excuse the furniture anytime someone new comes to our home.  It is time for an upgrade.
 We have been saving up for the last few months and I'm so pleased to announce that we finally ordered our very first sofa!

We decided on the Pottery Barn "Pearce" 3 piece sectional sofa.  We have seen it in the stores and I think it's going to be perfect.  We have a very odd foot pattern in our living room, so we had to do a lot of measuring and taping on the carpets to be sure the flow would still work.  I also scored a 10% and 15% off code so I feel pretty good about the grand total.  

(Although this is the most we've ever spent on furniture.  But on second thought, the only other piece of furniture we actually purchased was that tv stand for about $400... ha!  I love a good hand-me-down.)

Here is a photo of the space (as of right now) - meaning I didn't clean up at all. 

The "holes" in the wall directly under this writing are the two windows you see in the photo.
 And here is a photo of the sectional (via google).  It doesn't appear large... but I'm so glad I got the dimensions from the website and put painters tape on the carpet to gauge the actual size.  The Husband and I will both fit on this couch without being on top of each other.  I cannot wait!

The "swing" of our couch will be facing the opposite direction, as you can see from my fancy pants floor plan below (/sarcasm).  You can see that we will keep one of the fugly chairs and matching ottoman for the right side of the room.  Eventually it will be reupholstered, as it's very comfortable (much to my dismay).  The second fugly chair will go into the playroom, as it's a rocker and I anticipate it being handy with little ones someday.  I'm just too practical to toss them.  

...And then eventually we will add to this plan.
I'm looking for a large leather ottoman (opposed to a coffee table).
I also hope to get a console table to cover the back of the couch from the view from the kitchen.  
And last but not least... an armless chair next to the tv stand.  This idea boggles The Husbands mind because "WHO would sit in a chair that didn't face the television?????".  yeah.  

 The delivery date for the couch has been set for two weeks from today.  I think the change is going to be dramatic and I cannot wait!

... p.s.  if I were to post that love seat on craigslist - how much $ would you ask for?  It's a down couch and I'm pretty sure it's custom and was (at some point) a very expensive couch.  It's in great condition but the fabric is just not easy on the eyes.  How about helping me gauge what to list it for??

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

mmmmhhmmm. Look at those legs

ohhhhhhhh. and that back side. 

and what she's workin' with up top...

Oh hey there!
We got our very first grown-up dining room table.  Exciting stuff!!
(Yes, we have lived in this house for 9 months and the dining room was completely empty for all (approx) two hundred and seventy days.)

A dining room table never seemed like a priority when we didn't have a full sized couch, kwim?  Furnishing a new house (that it twice the size of where you moved from) is a very, very slow process. 

My grandfather recently offered to pass down his table to us (in addition to that beautiful cobalt blue glass).  My parents loaded this set into a u-haul and delivered it this weekend.  And I just love it.
It's nothing I would have ever picked - but I'm really falling for it.  It's much more formal than I would ever choose - but really... If you can't be formal in the formal dining room... where can you?  

I imagine the white (white... where you eat... insanity) seats will be need to be reupholstered the day after our first formal dining experience... but I'm going to enjoy them while they're here, and still white.

Pulled back view from the entry way

It came with an extra leaf, so it easily seats 6 (the extra chairs are on either side of the window).  We initially had the extra leaf in the table, with it running front to back opposed to our current side to side setup) and there was plenty of room.  However, I preferred the side to side look, so we hid the extra leaf under a table... and when we need to feed six people at a time I will just turn the table 90 degrees to accommodate everyone.  

With the dining room furnished (not even close to styled, or complete) I can focus on the big changes that will be happening very soon in our living room!  
Eventually I hope to get a buffet, or large china hutch on the far wall.  In addition some art and color will really help this room feel more finished.  Sooooome daaaaaaay ooooooover the raaaaaainnnnbowww.  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

the perfect shade of blue.

  My grandmother loved cobalt blue glass.  I'm not sure where she acquired it from, but it was always displayed in her guest bathroom.  As a child, I remember being mesmerized by this glass because (obviously) I was only allowed to look... not touch.  I thought it was the the most fancy glass I had ever seen, with such a beautiful color.

When my grandmother passed, that was the only thing I knew wanted from her house.  My grandfather, eight years later, is now ready to start letting go of a few in their home.  I was practically giddy when he remembered how much I loved the blue glass.  He asked my parents to pack it up and bring it to me the next time they visited.   

Once I had an opportunity to unpack the glass (and give it a good wash), I set up the blue glass in my own bathroom.  It only seems fitting that it belongs there.  I had the perfect empty shelf that needed this blue glass.   Years later, I am still mesmerized by the beauty and the memories this glass collection holds.  

The perfect shelf:

And they are so perfect to photograph.

A fancy glass shoe.  It "says" my grandmother so perfectly.

The only damaged piece is a vase with  a small crack. The glass is so thin, it makes me wonder how old it could be. 

Aren't the lines on this vase just perfect?

This little vase might be my favorite.  It has such personality.

My grandmother loved glass baskets.  She had many though her house.  I'm so glad there was one in cobalt blue.  

Another shot of the sassy glass shoe. 

Since this collection is living in my bathroom... I thought I would give a few of them bathroom "duties". Enter q-tips and cotton balls.  

This photo is from the husband's vantage point when he's standing in front of his sink.  Not too shabby. 
(and yes, we plan on eventually hanging something on that huge, blank wall.  eventually.  I guess I was subconsciously waiting for the cobalt blue to inspire me.)

I plan on adding to this cobalt collection.  I will be keeping my eyes peeled for estate sales and antique shops that have this beautiful shade of blue.  

If I'm lucky, when I'm long gone, someone will remember the fancy glass in my bathroom... and it will hold equally wonderful memories.  I can only hope.