Friday, June 8, 2012

I am alive.

I apologize for the empty blog for the last 10 weeks or so.  I know so many of you sit on the edge of your seat for these posts... /sarcasm.

The Husband and I have been chugging away at life and the blog has taken a backseat to all the new changes happening.  I'm 15 weeks pregnant now.  We find out the sex of the babe in 8 days.  I cannot believe it.

Things we have purchased 15 weeks into the pregnancy:

So far, I tried to stay current with "What to Expect...." and "Your Pregnancy Week by Week".  Honestly, I haven't done that great of a job staying up with my reading.  I typically only have time to read at night - and I'm too tired to do anything but sleep.

I did read "Belly Laughs" cover to cover one weekend.  It was an easy read, and was funny... but didn't have a whole lot of information I didn't already know.  

The other books haven't even been cracked open.   It feels very far away I'll actually have a baby, so the pressure to read about how to make them happy or get them to sleep hasn't hit me.  

Baby Items
  • A ring sling to carry the baby.  Similar to these.  We found this for $5 at a garage sale.  I have no idea if I (or babe) will like it... but I was willing to risk it for $5.
  • A crib.  This was purchased by my mom about 2 days after I told her I was pregnant.  It was not my ideal situation... and she bought it without me seeing it.  Again, not ideal.  However, it's free to us - and my dad has offered to paint it to be the color that I had in mind.  
  • An activity mat.  Similar to this.  Again, this was a garage sale item that was clean and cheap.  
  • A changing table.  This was $15 at a garage sale and was a similar style to the already purchased crib.  I am hoping my dad will paint it to match the crib as well.  
We have discussed registering, but before now it has felt too early.  I think we'll buy a few cute things when we know the sex... but otherwise we will be waiting for the anatomy scan to make any major purchases.

Maternity Wear
At about 12 weeks, my jeans were becoming uncomfortable and The Husband convinced me to go to a maternity clothing store and try some things on.  I got in there and was TOTALLY overwhelmed.  The Husband was encouraging and trying to get me to relax, so I tried to power through.  Long story short, I ended up crying in the changing room.  It was horrible.  I felt completely out of my element, unhappy with my changing body (vain, yes.  true, yes), and overwhelmed by the options.  The Husband realized things were not going to get better... so we escaped asap.  

As an alternative to maternity wear, I purchased a few extra summer dresses from old navy that had plenty of room in the tummy and those have served me well up until now.  At this point, I'm down to about 6 dresses that I feel comfortable wearing.  That's not quite enough to last me through the scorching summer.  Dresses are great... but I'm not sure if you've heard of the term "chub rub".  It's unfortunate... but it's a reality.  My maternity spanx have been great at helping me combat the rub - but they're hot, and mama needs some shorts.  

I would typically never wear shorts because my legs are... well... not cute.  However, my plan this summer is to have such a cute bump that people are distracted by the roundness of my mid-section and will never look down to my legs.  

Here were some of my purchases from last night:

Some of my flowy-er tops are still okay, and I have plans to find some cheap options around town.  Hopefully with three different "bottoms" I'll be able to mix/match a little easier.

Over the next month (weeks 15-19) my goals are:

  • Make decision on furniture for baby's room - even if not purchased.
  • Make decision on birthing classes.  I think I want to try the bradley method - I'm just not sure I can get on board with 12-15 weeks of classes!  I need to make my mind up asap.
  • Decide where I want to start a registry.  Amazon?  Buy Buy Baby?  Babies R Us?
  • Buy the Baby Bargains book and read that sucker cover to cover.  
  • Decide on nursery inspiration for boy and/or girl
  • Make final decision on cloth diapers.  I'm 90% sure... I just need to do more research.
  • Find out the sex of the little nugget in my belly!

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  1. My husband and I are taking the Bradley Method and I recommend it! We love going to class every week - it's not a burden or anything. I really look forward to it :) We're on week 10 of 12 now...