Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birth Preferences

The Husband and I have faithfully been attending our Bradley classes to help prepare us for the birth of baby girl.  My goal is a vaginal, unmedicated birth.  Although our preferences may not have been your preferences, I thought it would be nice to share our plan.   
Disclaimer:  I am well aware, like any plans you make in life, things are subject to change and in the end the heath of our daughter and myself are of highest priority.  

Birth Preferences

o   End goal:  A healthy mom and a healthy baby girl!
o   Overview:  We chose ("name of our hospital") for the birth of our daughter because of your reputation for allowing women to birth naturally. 
o   We understand that situations may arise that would cause deviation from this plan. 
o   We expect that any doctors/nurses/midwives would discuss all procedures with us before they are performed – including why it is necessary, risks, benefits and alternatives in order to help us make the best possible birthing experience for all involved. 

o   Our desire is to use the Bradley Method as much as possible to help facilitate our desire for a med-free birth.                                                                       
PROCEDURE                        PREFERENCES
Vaginal Exams            Minimal internal vaginal exams.
                                 During any vaginal exam, I would prefer for my membranes to not be broken.
Augmentation             If baby and mother are healthy, I prefer to go at least 12-14 days over my due date.  If induction 
                                     becomes necessary, I would like to try natural techniques first (with guidance of my practitioner).
IV                              I would prefer a heparin lock over an IV.  Please place it in my forearm. 
Fetal Monitoring          I prefer to be only intermittently monitored to allow for as much mobility as possible during labor.
Pain Relief                  I am prepared to try to handle pain with natural and alternative methods.  Please do not offer pain 
2nd Stage Labor          I would prefer no time limits on pushing, as long as baby and mom are healthy.
                                 It is important to me to push instinctively.
                                 I would prefer to tear, rather than receive an episiotomy.
                                 Please use methods such as oils, compression, massage and encourage me to breathe properly for 
                                 slower crowning.

o   As long as my baby is healthy, I would like for her to immediately placed skin-to-skin on my abdomen after birth.   I would like for her to stay there for a minimum of two hours. 
PROCEDURE                        PREFERENCES
Cord Cutting          Please wait for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before clamping.
I would like for Husband to then cut the cord, if desired, after the pulsing has stopped.
Placenta                 I would prefer for the placenta to be born spontaneously without the use of pitocin.
Breastfeeding         Please do not allow any visitors until after my baby has successfully breastfed on both breasts (at a 
                              minimum of two hours).
                            My baby is to be exclusively breastfed.  Do not offer formula, water, or any artificial nipples
                             I would like to see a lactation consultant for further recommendations and guidance.
Rooming In           I would like full rooming in, no separation, no exceptions, unless my baby is sick. 
                  I would like to have all routine newborn procedures in room. 
Bath                      Please do not bathe my baby.
Eye Drops             Please do not administer eye drops to my baby.  I am willing to sign a formal waiver.
Vitamin K              Please do not administer vitamin K to my baby.  I am willing to sign a formal waiver.
Immunizations       I prefer any immunizations to be postponed to a later time.                   

Any suggestions?  Things to add/delete?  I'd love any additional feedback - as long as it's constructive and understanding that these choices are ours (my husband and myself) to make.       

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  1. Same here. I don't like my baby to undergo vitamin K shot. Don't want my baby to feel pain at that early stage.