Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Does Home Depot think I'm made of money?

Cabinet pulls are expensive.

Like knock my socks of, expensive.  Who the hell knew those little knobs and pulls were so pricey? Not I.

Here's the rundown for the new house:

Kitchen:  Needs 12 Pulls (drawers), and 23 knobs (cabinets)
Guest Bath:  Needs 3 pulls, and 4 knobs
Master Bath:  Needs 11 pulls, and 6 knobs

That's a grand total of 26 Pulls and 33 knobs.  Ouch.

So I strut into Home Depot thinking I'm going to come home with a cart full-o-knobs.

Then I come across the Hickory Hardware Studio Collection:

This is exactly what I was imagining.  Simple.  Sleek.  Clean.  Just like me.
The only think that wasn't just like me... was the price.  Cause let's get real... I'm a cheap.

Pull Price:  $6.62 per pull
Knob Price:  $4.22 per knob

If I went hog wild and purchased all the knobs and pulls that I need my total would have been:  $311.38

Needless to say... my cabinets are still nekkid.


  1. Beautiful knobs. As far as cabinet hardware is concerned, Ebay and Google are your best friends. Good luck!

  2. hot damn, i always imagined knobs and pulls were like $2 each, tops. i would be in for a rude awakening too!