Monday, August 22, 2011

Solutions everywhere.

We finally got our act together and hung photos above our couch.  This is a huge wall and thankfully, we purchased the photos and frames when we lived in our last apartment.  I wish they were a little larger - but it fills the space pretty well and it's much better than an empty wall.  
Hang something on empty wall:  Solved.
Photos are all from the 1940s of our city.  We and had them printed at the local Historical Society.  

You would not believe the math that was involved before we hung even one nail.  Math is not my strong suit.   

Keeping it real.  This is the mess that is a Monday morning in my house.
However, from this angle there are two things on the walls!  It's only taken 2 months.  

This was a purchase from last weekend.  It's apparently the "coolest" ladder at HD.  It extends up to 12 feet, and it will work on steps... and it was mega expensive at over $200.  Oh well, at least our air filters can get changed now.   It's a Werner brand... I forget the name.  
Reach tall ceilings: Solved. 

A few weekends ago, Sears was having a pretty good sale on these Craftsman Versa Track systems.  We purchased 8 'tracks' and loads of hanging accessories for the garage.  This was a perfect solution to getting all the crap off the garage floor and making more room for... walking... and parking.  Genius. 
Garage Storage:  Solved.   

We worked for a while in the garage (you MUST find studs... and mark each clearly... and check 5,567 times that the track is level... which is a process if your husband is a total perfectionist) and ended up with two of the 8 tracks up on the wall.  I already love the system and can't wait to finish the rest.  I imagine we'll only get two done a weekend.  Expect a 'completed' post in December.   

Remember my computer chair issue... or lack thereof?  
This is not (at all) the style of chair I had in mind, but Handy Hubby really wanted something that was more functional than pretty.  This chair from Office Depot did the job.  And as much as I hate to admit it... I think the Parson's chair would have been a bad idea.  I'm secretly loving this chair.
Chunky-leg issue:  Solved.

And the leg room is divine. 


  1. It looks great! I am so jealous of your ladder. We have had our eye on the same one for a while, but still waiting for our budget to open up for us to buy it. Nice work :)

  2. we got that ladder after we moved in too! it's magical but way too heavy for me. haha