Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Master Bathroom. Update!

Finally, Finally, FINALLY I can post about how my handy husband put up our master bathroom mirrors.  During the construction process I made a point to tell them not to install the large "wall to wall" mirrors that are common in bathrooms.  I think separate mirrors seem much more custom and give a bathroom a lot more character.

I purchased a mirror right after we moved in to test out size, color, style.  I started with Martha Stewart's Saranac.  We found it at Home Depot for under $50.  Check it out, here.  Immediately, I knew it was a good fit for the bathroom - but handy husband was pretty overwhelmed with all of this projects (and cash draining from his wallet...) so I waited before buying the second one.

For the last two months we've shared that mirror, propped up on the counter.  It's been okay - but it looks pretty, um, unfinished.  So last weekend I went ahead and purchased the second mirror we needed for the master.  Handy Hubby did such a great job in the guest bedroom - I had no reservations he could do this one... it was just if I could convince him to do it.  Handy Hubby HATES being handy these days.  

Sunday was the day.  He got to play soccer, we went to the lake, I made his favorite dinner, and I finally talked him into hanging mirrors!  And I have to say... it looks even better than I imagined.  So much better than the wall-o-mirros the builder uses!



detail in the mirror

These hooks are awesome.  I use them to hang just about anything around the house!

Crazy hair day.  

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  1. Nice job! The mirrors compliment the bathroom perfectly without having an overwhelming presence.