Sunday, September 18, 2011

Furniture lay-out for dummies.

We have made some (very) small steps towards a furniture decision.  
We found a couch and chair we really liked at a local store.  It was enough to get us home to tape out the possibilities in the living room.  I am very visual, and I was hoping this would help the husband pull the "trigger" on the purchase.  

large rectangle centered on the back wall = couch
small square near the kitchen = end table
angled square near the back door = chair
rectangle in front of the couch = ottoman
square perpendicular to the ottoman = chair #2

view from the kitchen:

view from the extended entry way:

view from the back door:

 So you can see the space between the furniture and tv:  

After all of that... we decided the couch wasn't for us.  Neither was the chair.  We're still on the hunt for the *perfect* couch... but I'm feeling like we're getting closer as we're getting a clearer idea each time we shop.  

We also decided that the above floor plan didn't work as well as we hoped.  Chair #2 (perpendicular from the ottoman... near the kitchen) made things feel too blocked off.  We decided that if/when we actually purchase chair #2, it will live up against the wall, right next to the tv.  This allows for conversation and creates more space near the kitchen.  Oh, and we also decided that the couch wasn't large enough for our liking.  We will end up with something a bit deeper and longer than what has been taped out on our floors.  

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