Friday, January 13, 2012

getting to first base was never this easy.

I am (oddly) fascinated by the way people choose to organize their cabinets.  I took a lot of time when we first moved in to find the best location for every item.  I thought about how I would unload the dishwasher, where I would do the most food preparation, where The Husband could easily grab the plates and bowls when setting the table that wouldn't interfere with food preparation.  I probably spent FAR too much time mapping it out.

However, it's perfect.
So I thought.

My sister visited for the first time a few weeks ago.  She was in the kitchen and I heard her yell "I can't find anything in your kitchen!  You put stuff in the strangest places!"


So I took pictures.  And now I'm showing you what's underneath my cabinet doors.

This is the cabinet to the high right of the sink.  It's also directly to the left of the fridge.  (Yes, my kitchen is a mess.  Welcome to my real life)

 It holds glasses, cups, etc.  I think it's easy with the fridge being right there to fill 'er up.  
The glassware I don't use much is on the top shelf because I'm so short.  To reach those I must hike one leg onto the counter top and climb my way up.

Directly below that is the low cabinets that holds bake ware.  It's messy... but real.  this is where I store cookie sheets, casserole dishes, etc.  Also, cutting boards because I use those very often.  

And just for the sake of keepin' it real... under the sink.  A disaster.  

On the opposite side of the kitchen...
The left cabinet is pretty small and holds useless things that I don't want to find another place for:
a fake pumpkin, lunch boxes, a knife box, and a food scale.
Next to it is all my dishes.  I looooove my Crate and Barrel dishes.  Crisp and white.
Top shelf is a few 'display' plates and the white box is blades for my food processor.
From left to right (middle shelf):  Medium sized plates, small bread plates, cereal bowls.
From left to right (bottom shelf):  dinner plates, bistro bowls, more cereal bowls.

Directly below the cabinets above are these lower cabinets.  This area is open through all three doors which makes storage much easier.  From left to right:  On the shelf a hand held mixer that I have never used, and below are some awesome serving plates, gravy bowls, etc that all match and I bought on clearance at Pier One after the Holidays.  With a gift card.  Score.
To the right is a total mess of pots, pans ad lids.  I haven't figured out a better way to store these... but I'm sure there is a way.  The pipe sticking out of the wall is the gas control.  So if there was a leak and I would need to climb over the pots and pans to turn it off at the wall.  

Back up high (to the right of the plates, and over the microwave) is a practically unusable cabinet.  The vent outside takes up a lot of square footage and makes it awkward to put anything up there.  For right now my great grandmother's antique cookie jar lives there (Crrrrrrrreeeeppy) and crystal champagne flutes we received from our wedding, and used once over our honeymoon.  

To the right once again...
The counter space under these cabinets I use the most for preparation.  It's also directly to the right of the stove top/oven so it's pretty convenient for all things cooking related.  From left to right, top to bottom:
waffle maker, excess of water bottles, orange bowl of candy that I keep too high for me to reach
handheld stick mixer (never used), nesting class bowls (about 8 of them), food prep/processor (that little gadget gets a work out in my kitchen for things like garlic chopping... love it), and you can barely see the stand to my blender.  In the cabinet over that is a disaster of Tupperware.
Bottom shelf is three mixing bowls times two, and then vitamins on the right to remind me to take them.  

As I said, this is a pretty busy area for me and this is the photo of what is below.
The spot with nothing in it usually holds a toaster oven - but it was being used.  To the right is a mini grill/sand which press (rarely used) and stacks of muffin pans and cooling racks on top of it.
Below is a cheese grader, crock pot, toaster, potato ricer (awesome at making delicious mashed potatoes), and a strainer with The Husbands water jug inside of it.  You can't see to much further, but there is also a turkey pan/rack in there somewhere...

So there you have it.  My kitchen took you to first base,  and showed off her goodies.  

And while you're still here... do any of you know of a better way to store those pots/pans that would take up less cabinet space?


  1. Love your granite! We are building a Highland Home too. Do you remember what your granite is called?

    1. The granite is Santa Cecilia. It was an upgrade (Level 4, maybe?? I can't remember) but it was negotiated into our initial contract because our sales guy misspoke when he was showing us an inventory home. We asked specifically if the granite in the inventory home was "standard" (it was Santa Cecilia) and he told us yes. So we didn't see it necessary to upgrade. Then, after contracts were signed we realized he made a mistake and he honored his word and credited us the 3k it would have cost to upgrade. We were very happy!