Wednesday, March 7, 2012

mmmmhhmmm. Look at those legs

ohhhhhhhh. and that back side. 

and what she's workin' with up top...

Oh hey there!
We got our very first grown-up dining room table.  Exciting stuff!!
(Yes, we have lived in this house for 9 months and the dining room was completely empty for all (approx) two hundred and seventy days.)

A dining room table never seemed like a priority when we didn't have a full sized couch, kwim?  Furnishing a new house (that it twice the size of where you moved from) is a very, very slow process. 

My grandfather recently offered to pass down his table to us (in addition to that beautiful cobalt blue glass).  My parents loaded this set into a u-haul and delivered it this weekend.  And I just love it.
It's nothing I would have ever picked - but I'm really falling for it.  It's much more formal than I would ever choose - but really... If you can't be formal in the formal dining room... where can you?  

I imagine the white (white... where you eat... insanity) seats will be need to be reupholstered the day after our first formal dining experience... but I'm going to enjoy them while they're here, and still white.

Pulled back view from the entry way

It came with an extra leaf, so it easily seats 6 (the extra chairs are on either side of the window).  We initially had the extra leaf in the table, with it running front to back opposed to our current side to side setup) and there was plenty of room.  However, I preferred the side to side look, so we hid the extra leaf under a table... and when we need to feed six people at a time I will just turn the table 90 degrees to accommodate everyone.  

With the dining room furnished (not even close to styled, or complete) I can focus on the big changes that will be happening very soon in our living room!  
Eventually I hope to get a buffet, or large china hutch on the far wall.  In addition some art and color will really help this room feel more finished.  Sooooome daaaaaaay ooooooover the raaaaaainnnnbowww.  

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