Friday, March 23, 2012

the couch as arrived.

Up until recently our house was pretty empty.  See our Empty Playroom here.  And our not-so-empty dining room here.  Thankfully, we were able to (partially) furnish the dining room for free just two weeks ago.  And now, just in the last few hours, the house has had some big changes! 

The Husband and I have a separate account just for furniture that we've been slowly adding to over the last few months (cause couches ain't cheap!).  Once we hit the 'magic number', I ordered it online that evening.  We had done lots of research, measuring, sitting, laying, etc on this couch in stores so I felt 100% comfortable ordering it online.

Here is the "before" of our living room.  Ugly love seat, chairs, and ottoman that were free to me.  The scale is way off and... well, there is  nothing positive to say about this.
(view from the extended entry way)
(view from the kitchen)

(view from the back entry way)

Last night The Husband and I moved all of the old furniture into the playroom (with the exception of one chair for additional seating).  We also pulled out a rug that was rolled up in one of the guest rooms.  

We had this rug out when we first moved in, but SIL's dog created some damage.  I was too pissed to think rationally and turn the rug - I just rolled it up to get it out of my sight.  The new sectional was going to be plenty large to cover this up and keep it safe from additional damage.  

(view from the back entry way)

Moving the old furniture into the playroom worked well, because it was 100% empty.  The scale of the furniture works much better in a smaller space.  We've already realized this is a great area for The Husband to program, and work from home.  It's not in front of a TV (key for his attention span) and it's still fairly comfortable furniture.   

This furniture arrangement is temporary.  Once we welcome kiddos into this house - it will transform from this "old man den" that we're currently working with...  to a real "playroom". 

And here is the after current state of the living room.  
(view from the extended entry way)

(view from the kitchen)
I think my new purchase will be a console table.  I don't love looking at the back of a couch.

(view from the back entry way)
The plan is a large leather ottoman as an alternative to a coffee table.  

Color:  Oat
Fabric:  Everyday suede 

So a few thoughts...
  • It's going to take some getting used to.  It's definitely an improvement, but I'm not sure if I'm hesitant because it's still so barren in that room... or what.  
  • I'm taking suggestions on the carpet placement.  Right now, it's centered in the room... but the couch is a bit off center in an effort to not close off the space.  I think it adds a great texture, but I'm just not sure yet.
  • The ugly plaid chair looks horrendous.  I was hoping we could salvage it by reupholstering, but that won't work.  It looks bitty next to that massive couch and it just can't stay.  I think I would eventually like to get another chair for that area, but I have no idea what.  I was REALLY hoping the chair would work because it was free... but I don't think it's possible.  Maybe something leather to match the ottoman?
  • Where can I buy pillows for this couch?  It needs color - stat!  


  1. I don't know where to get pillows! But, I would absolutely get some colourful ones. Various patterns and textures.

    I'm also kind of digging the old man plaid chair. But, I am a firm believer that every home needs a piece of furniture/decor that is a little bit, um... off. :)