Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 23

Things are moving right along these days.  Finding out the sex of this baby finally put a lot of things into motion.  We have started the nursery transformation... and let me tell you... it's sloooooow going.  

We have two guest rooms that flank either side of a playroom.  We ended up picking the room that was a bit smaller for the nursery, so we could keep the queen in the other guest room for when people come over.  We only had a full sized bed in the nursery.  

We ended up pulling everything out of the room and stashing it in the playroom.
Now, the playroom looks like this:

We purchased three ceiling fans at Home Depot a few weekends ago.  (one for guest room, one for nursery, and one for the playroom).  Ask me if I'm surprised that they're sitting on the floor instead of hanging from the ceiling....
...The answer is NO.  The Husband keeps swearing he can and will take care of it.  We shall see.  

This is what is supposed to be a changing table.  It's turned into quite the 'catch all'.  
On top there are a pile of more girly clothes.  We scored those from a neighbor for about $15.  There are also tu-tu poms that I plan on hanging.  

Under that box of poms... you would find these.  
tiny UT socks.  I dieeeeeeeeee. 

We went to the UT co-op and went a *tiny* bit crazy and came home with those socks, three outfits, and these precious pacifiers.  The girl will bleed orange.

If you look hard enough in the first playroom shot, you can see my most favorite baby item (folded up and on the floor).

the BOB revolution CE
I have been pining for a BOB since, well, before I got pregnant. ha. 
Amazon had a great deal a few weeks ago - so we jumped.  And I love it, as expected.  
(as much as a person who doesn't even have a baby yet, and strolls around the house with an empty stroller, can love a stroller...)

It's plum.  And to all you negative-nellies out there saying "why would she pick plum??? Go gender neutral!!!".  I say "Plum is cuter".  Argument done.  I win.  

In the last post, I mentioned we were going to get the Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer dresser.  Lucky us, they went on sale and I talked The Husband into driving there to buy.  Low and behold... That dresser is TALL!  I'm 5'2'' and The Husband is 5'10''.  It would have certainly worked to put a changing pad on top of the dresser for him... but I don't think I could lift a kid (past infant stage) that high to change them.  After a lot of discussion, we ended up going with the Ikea Hemnes 6 drawer dresser in white.

We changed plans for a few reasons:
1.  The 8 drawer is too tall to reasonably use for a changing table.  Eliminating the "double duty" usage.  
2.  The 6 drawer is tall, and takes up much less floor space - a pro in the small bedroom.  
3.  Once this baby is potty trained we can get rid of the changing table, and that will free up floor space, where as the 8 drawer dresser will always take up more space... even past the diapering phase.  More room to play = good.  

With the money saved on the dresser, we purchased the matching chest with 2 drawers to use as a nightstand.  We still need to paint the current changing table... but what's another weekend 'to do'?  Right, husband????  Oh, and let's add "spend 10 hours assembling Ikea furniture" to that list - mmmkay?

As I said before, her room is slow going.  I had the genius idea to have horizontal stripes.  I thought it was brilliant because our ceilings and walls are the same color (thanks to the builders).  It's a darkish beige that I actually like.  My thought was if we paint the walls - the ceilings going to look random and dark... so we would need to paint the ceiling white, too.  And that felt like too much work.


We could have painted the room and ceilings on three different occasions in the time it has taken us to get to where we are with the stripes.  I was so naive.  

Here was the plan that The Husband and I worked up (on power point):
Tan walls remain the same.
Green stripe 4'' on top and bottom.
White stripe 2'' inside of the green stripes.
17'' pink stripe in the middle.
and yes, you're getting a sneak peak of her name.  This isn't facebook, or email, or spread the word news - por favor.  Most of my own family doesn't know what we picked... and this blog is even private from them - so if you know me in real life.  shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
But, we love it.  It's sweet, feminine, classic, and has some great nickname options.  

We typed in her name (off center... oops) to show that we will have her name cut from wood and displayed within that pink stripe over her name.

So, cute idea, right? 

After two weekends... this is what we have done:


 The dark green is 'frog tape'.  We spent several hours trying to ensure that the outside borders were perfectly level, then we primed the entire 31'' span, then we taped out the bottom stripe (just another 2-3 hours of making sure it was level...) and painted it green.
Then we put 2'' tape where the white stripe will be to "protect" that area.  Once The Husband finishes taping out that top stripe, we'll be good to paint the green stripe on top and the pink.  Then, we'll have to go back through and finish off with the white stripe.  

I have total faith I will love it when we're done... but right now... it's a pain in my side.  
Want to know what else is painful?  The tap dancing that is currently taking place on top of my bladder.  

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  1. Evelyn is on my list of names too :) Love it! Looks like you have some acquired some sweet stuff for her!