Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pregnancy: 29w3d

Last week was our specialist's appointment.  All in all, we came out more confident than we went in.  So that's good.

Long story short... Little miss is small all over.  Which isn't surprising since The Husband and I made her.  Basically, all of measurements are calculated and compared against the 'average', and then they are graphed out, within the (wide) span of 'normal' (on the + or - side of the average line).  Our baby's measurements all fall on the small side of average, just within that normal range.  Her head measurements fall just out of that span of normal - but really, not that far away from the rest of her body.  In the end, there are no "disproportionate" concerns.  

The specialist said she really was not concerned and that little miss would probably just be a petite little thing.  Which is fine by me.  I do have to continue to see the specialist once a month to track growth and make sure the baby doesn't fall any lower on that graph.  So grow, baby, grow.   I secretly love the extra ultra sounds and opportunities to see her beautiful little self - but I'd prefer for her to put on a couple pounds, and inches before we return to the doctor!

I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable as the days tick along.  I'm trying to remember that just 10 weeks from now, we'll be at her due date.  Simultaneously, time seems to be flying by and dragging.  I'm not sure how that's possible... but it is, apparently.  I've been a shopping machine lately, and our baby shower is approaching, so our house should start looking like a daycare at any moment now.

Here is her beautiful (smashed) little face.  She's buried super low into my pelvis, so getting an image of her face is tricky!  She's hiding that tiny head very well!

...and sorry if 4d photos freak you out.  Honestly, they kinda freak me out, too... but I'm embracing it, cause, that's my kid and all...

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  1. it's so true that kiddos grow at different rates! L always measured average/big in the womb and when she was first born, but now continues to fall in the 25th percentile or lower. i was worried that she wasn't growing properly, but as my doctor said- SOMEONE has to be in that range, and in our case, it's L. i'm sure evelyn will be healthy and beautiful, right now she's just a bit on the smaller side so the bigger babies have someone smaller to compare to. :-)