Monday, March 21, 2011


We are one step closer to home ownership.  The list is slowly but surely getting checked off.
Things left to do:

Get the loan officers:
copies of paystubs for February, March, April and May (from us both)
copies of that random fifth page that went missing from our tax info
copies of our voided earnest money checks
...and a few more that I'd have to dig out my real list to remember.

Blinds for entire house
Mirrors for bathrooms
(and a lot of other stuff that will have to wait until we can beef up the savings account again...)

This weekend we put a big check next to an item on our list:  Buy a refrigerator.

Remember this post where I picked out an LG, and was just waiting on a sale?  Well, a sale came (a big one!) but it was on the Samsung that placed "runner up" that day.  When we took one looked at the clearance price of the Samsung... and it was suddenly bumped to first place and we wanted to take our shiny (silvery) trophy home!

(sorry about the bad iphone images.  I wasn't prepped with my 'fancy' camera because it was bought on a whim!)

Oh yes, that's $700 off the list price.  My in-laws have this same fridge and paid over $400 more when they purchased it 'on sale' a few months ago.
look at all that space!! all 28.5 cubic feet!

here's some more details:

We also scored three years no interest cause the guys at Best Buy were super nice.  They will also hold items like this in their warehouse for up to 90 days and still offer free delivery (when we will have it delivered to the new house).  That deserves a "bam" and "bloop" (a little RHOA aka: NeNe love!).  

What a successful weekend.  Now if I only had a house to put it in.

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