Saturday, March 26, 2011

Construction: Day 3-5

On Friday evening we drove by the house again.  We found that they filled in the the homesite and leveled it.  They also started doing the "rough in" of plumbing.  I am very confused about the placement of pipes - but I have to trust that they know what they're doing - and I'm an idiot.  

 This photo is taken from the back corner of the yard.  You can see that the back of the house will be slightly elevated in the back to create a level home.  I image we'll have a few steps down from our back porch to get into the yard.  

The weather was beautiful on Friday evening.  So The Husband and I decided to take a walk around our new neighborhood.  We are building in a new area of the neighborhood - so we are actually one of the first houses being built.  Right now, it's just open land and it's so beautiful and peaceful.  It really feels like we're out in the country.  I know that feeling won't last long... but for now - we're enjoying it.

On our walk - we spotted a family of four deer.  Awesome, right?

Wanna know what's NOT awesome?  We also found this on our homesite.  Either our builders are having a fun time while building the house - or some neighborhood hoodlums have decided to 'hide out' with their bong on our property.  Either way, it doesn't leave me thrilled.   

The pipes in the back right corner of the house seem to make sense - as that's where our master bath is located.  However, the pipes in the center of the house are what is leaving me confused.  That may be where the kitchen is located - but that leaves no pipes for the guest bath.... I tried measuring it out but I couldn't tell for sure what they were there for, and again, I have to assume the builders know what they're doing.  

Things are really progressing.  We got a phone call from the builder letting us know they're going to finish up the plumbing early next week and get the cables out for the foundation and they should be pouring our foundation by the latter part of next week.  They said once they get the foundation laid - everything will move quickly and the house is will appear before our eyes.  

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