Friday, March 4, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall.

Both bathrooms in our house come with the giant mirror that spans the entire vanity.  

Evidence (master bath):

Evidence (guest bath):

Ideally, I'm wanting to tell the builder to leave the mirrors out of the plan completely.  All though they are not awful.. and very typical of this kind of home - it's not my preference.
I know my husband, and I know how priorities change... so I'm worried if I go with the large mirror it will be there forever.  

Ideally, I could get two separate mirrors... a la the following:

This one actually kind of "speaks" to me.  (sorry for the bad quality - it was found on google images):

We will have the white countertops, the oil rubbed bronze fixtures, and I'm pretty sure those are the exact lighting fixtures we're getting too.  The above photo shows (I think) black fames to match the ORB finishes.  Initially, I assumed the frame should match the cabinet stain... but now I'm not so sure.

I feel like the two mirrors are much more 'custom' looking... but talking The Husband into buying mirrors when one comes "free" with the house will be tricky.  However, I think I'm up for a challenge.

for sale on Overstock

also for sale on Overstock

What do you think?  
A wood stained finish on the mirror?
Black mirror to match the ORB?

I'm going to keep the faith that I can find four mirrors (two per bathroom), that I love... on the cheap.  If not, I'm thinking we'll go ahead and do the giant mirror in the guest bath and 'fancy up' the master.  


In other house news... the loan process sucks.  I feel like a show dog jumping through 1,000 hoops.  The husband has been too busy with work to participate much in this sucky process.  Not fun.  I don't know how anyone does all of this in 30 days for a re-sale home. 

color me overwhelmed cause it's a lot of work that I was not anticipating.
for some reason... I feel like the color overwhelmed would be purple.  A dark purple. 

We're also going tomorrow to start window shopping for fridges, blinds, lawnmowers and mirrors.  The husband 'owes me' for dealing with this loan stuff all on my own, and has told me that I have free reign over the plans on Saturday and he'll go along with it... I have planned a day of:
 checking out the house
meeting with the tax guy
a quick (ha!) trip to Ikea to look at blinds and mirrors
a trip to Best Buy to look at fridges
a trip to Lowes to look for blinds, mirrors, fridge and lawnmower
a trip to Home Depot to look for blinds, mirrors, fridge and lawnmower
poor husband. He has no clue what he's in for.  

me, on the other hand: can.not.wait.

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