Thursday, June 9, 2011

Construction: Day 72-76. 5 days to go.

As closing date creeps up... my time to blog becomes less and less.  
Work is crazy.
Friends in town this week. 
Brother in law coming back from deployment tomorrow.
Mother in law (temporarily) moving in with us next week.  (it's a long, long, story).
My dog had to see the specialist for a disc issue today.

...and the list goes on.

Oh, and the amount of packing that has happened... it's scary small.  Scary.
However, I did convince The Husband to hire a mover.  For the love of all things holy... I'm so happy we hired a mover.

I ran by the house today and look what I spied:

 ^ That is painted garage doors.  And the iron re-installed on the front door!

And this is my dishwasher! (with plastic wrap still attached to the front)

And this is my stove!

And this... 
this is a mystery to me.
 An oil rubbed bronze faucet in the kitchen.  

It used to be stainless steel.
I'm not sure how I feel about the change.
All I know is that I'm uneasy about it.
I feel like it "should" be stainless steel in the kitchen (especially next to the stainless sink).

Am I wrong?
Keep in mind I will probably add ORB hardware to the cabinets.  
It's just the stainless and ORB side by side in this area that's messing with my head.

Please settle this for me.
I've had about 3 too many decision to make in the last few days.  And this one is about to send me over the edge.  


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  1. I was questioning that combo in my place as well but now that i see it in action I think it looks nice