Friday, June 24, 2011

my not so perfect, perfect house.

The blissful ignorance of being a homeowner has certainly worn.  It's been a very frustrating 8 days.

I'll start  by saying we were originally scheduled to close on June 2nd.  Due to some "soil testing" the start was delayed and they pushed it to June 8th.  (June 8th was the day our 90 day lock expired... which I committed to because even with the delay they were preaching about how they "never miss a close date".  They encouraged me to lock whenever I was ready).  They didn't want to pay for the lock extension that they were obligated to pay, since my *awesome* realtor had already received that writing.  Once they admitted that it probably wouldn't be June 8th, I INSISTED that we close by June 15th because we had to be out of our apartment by June 18th and I had already given our notice.

So, they pushed hard to complete the house on time.

However, the day we moved in (Wednesday) was the day the stove top arrived.  The workers were here converting the stove to propane gas while we were moving in.  After the workers left the "boss" builder stopped by to inspect their work and the damn stove exploded.  Like blue flame, the knobs flew off, and the boss about lost it (after he raced to turn off the gas from the wall).  I was instructed not to use it until they could get someone out the next day to fix it.  Next day came (Thursday), more workers in and I got the all clear that a gas leak in the line  had been fixed and we were good to go.  We ordered pizza that night because I was too tired from unpacking to cook.  Friday was the inspectors day to stop by and check everything out.  And what to you know... the farking stove exploded again.  Bigger this time.  With blue flame and smoke and the whole nine yards.  More panic from the inexperienced homeowners.

Finally, it was decided that the stove had a leak and was holding gas and when it would build up and the stove was turned on (flame) the whole thing would explode.  We turned off the gas and have been waiting for 7 days for a new stove.  Apparently, it should be in tomorrow.  Let's hope my home stays flame free.

Also, the breakers keep flipping.  We'll be watching tv and randomly 1/4 of the lights in the house will shut off.  I've already called the builder (thank you home warranty) and they've scheduled an electrician to come out tomorrow.

Oh, and the #$%^ing garbage men.  Wednesday is our scheduled pick up day.  I called on Tuesday to inform them that we *still* didn't have our garbage can (the whole neighborhood has the same one).  They assured me I could put out bags of trash this once and they would pick them up.  So, I lugged everything out on Wednesday morning and went to work.  Wednesday night... the damn trash is still there.  I called Thursday morning and they claimed I didn't have it out early enough but they would accommodate my "mistake" and make another trip on Thursday to pick it up.

Today, I get a voicemail during work that says "the driver said that your street doesn't exist in that neighborhood.  If you call me back while he's driving around... I'll give him directions".  Well of course I didn't get the message in time and my trash is STILL in front of my house.  I ended up calling again and giving them detailed directions while ensuring them that the street DOES, in fact, exist.

Oh and the dining room window is broken.  It was broken the day before we closed by the landscaper, on accident.  That is being replaced next week.

And there are scorpions and spiders in this house, y'all.  The pest control guy has already been here once.  I guess that comes with new construction territory... but $@!* I hate bugs.

So... I'm done whining.

for now.

I still love my house.  Even if it's causing me a smidgen of stress right now.


  1. good grief!! We are about to embark on building a home and I'll tell you what this will shoot even the calmest of nerves.

  2. Oh the joys of being a homeowner! LOL

    I bought a foreclosure in 2007 and I swear I will never buy a new-to-me house again. After reading your post though, I guess all homes have their problems. Hopefully, you will get to enjoy your home really soon.