Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We are very slowly figuring out how to make this house our home.  
Hanging things on the wall has been the big "game changer" in making this house feel comfortable for The Husband and myself.  I didn't expect the big difference it has made in just a few rooms. 

^Entry way to the garage.  A set of (faux) old school keys from Pottery Barn that I picked up years ago.  

^A wedding gallery in the extended entry way.  I know many people think it's self absorbed to have that many pictures of yourself in your home.  But whatevs.  We love our wedding photos.  

 ^Guest Bedroom.  This room almost feels complete.
The Husband hung the blinds last night while I scavenged things from the pile of wall accessories for this room.  In our apartment that wall art was in a hallway, the end table was in the master bedroom, that curtain was in the living room... but having it all together really works.  
fyi:  bed is from pier one from probably 6 years ago.  Bedding is "Hotel Collection:  Rings" from Macy's.  End table is from pier one.  TV stand and organizing shelf thing are all from pier one.  Curtain and rod are from Bed Bath and Beyond.  

The Husband hates these monkeys.  They might be my favorite part of the room.  I got them from my great uncle when he passed.  Random and fun.  

This iron art was also from my great uncle's home.  He collected a lot of art and although (yet again) these are not The Husbands style... I love them. 

 Opposite side of the room.  That painting was in our master bedroom before... but I think it works well in here with the grays in the bedding.  

 This wall is my challenge in the guest room.  It's the wall that the bed looks at - and that walkway is pretty slim, so I need something very low profile.  I was thinking about three large photography prints.  I could take the photos and have them printing and framed fairly inexpensively.  But it will be a while before I can get around to that!

Cooper loves the guest room too.  


  1. I love the monkeys and think they're a nice touch. The keys are great too (i'm a sucker for keys used as decor along with clocks and maps). Hope you're enjoying your new home, it's looking great!


  2. It's amazing how much homey-er a house feels with things on the wall. It definitely makes a house feel lived in.
    You could do a really cheap collage on that empty wall in your guest room. Buy some embroidery hoops in different sizes and some fabrics (maybe play on the color of the iron piece in that room) and then put the fabrics into the rings. I bet it wouldn't cost more than $20, something like this (http://aedriel.blogspot.com/2009/05/sweet-girl-deserves-sweet-wall-decor.html). Or you could do the fabrics or scrapbook paper in picture frames instead of hoops.