Friday, June 3, 2011

Construction: Days 66-70

So, does the carpet match the drapes?
We don't have drapes, yet.  But trust me they'll match the carpet.  Cause the carpet is AWESOME.  
Saving money is great, but I know that many things in life are worth a splurge.  High quality carpet is one of them.   And our newly installed (and upgraded) carpet is 'da

exterior on June 3rd, 2011.
They are planting trees and laying sod!  The garage doors have been installed (but need to be painted).  

They stained our front door.

Love it!  (note the carpet!)

Planning area, looking into the dining room.
(that metal thing in the laundry room is for our front door.  They removed it to stain the wood)

master bedroom

love it!
That big white spot on the left is where they had to go back into the sheetrock to fix a plumbing issue.  They patched it and still need to paint. 

We have (part of) a fence!  And grass.  And bushes around the back of the house.  

They are still building the railing on the back patio.  This is the landing and steps down into the yard. 

oh my word.  It felt like I could move in.  The only things left (that I can see) is the painting of the garage doors, some touch up paint throughout the interior, and installing the appliances.  

I'm expecting our "clear to close" email any day now.  
We have been packing a little here and there - but promised each other we would get a big chunk of it done this weekend.
I've already started calling the utilities to have them switched over on the 15th.
Best Buy called today and I set up a delivery of our fridge.

Oh my goodness.  This is happening soon!!