Thursday, June 23, 2011

We closed. Life is crazy!

So, closing went really well.  We got there at 9:30am and we were out by 11am.  Our cashiers check was actually for $20 too much, so they sent us home with a $20 check.  Made me feel rich considering we had just given them a HUGE chunk of change.

Our plan was to drive out to the new house and wait for the fridge delivery man to arrive (anytime between 11a-1p).  Then, we would drive back to the apartment and start the move (movers were scheduled to arrive at 2pm).  Tight time line, but doable.

Well, we learned our first lesson that
1.  Things never go to your perfectly devised plan
2.  Our house is apparently very difficult to find

I tried to give fridge man the benefit of the doubt, but by 12:45 I called.  He had been driving around for who knows how long.  After some very detailed directions - they showed up around 1:30.  Thankfully, they moved quickly and we were able to jet out of there and make it back to the apartment in time to see the movers knocking on our door.

We hired three guys to help us in the move at a cost of $85/hour.  I had used this company before and they were legit, so I booked them again.  Between those three guys, and The Husband I was pretty much in the way.  Like any smart woman, I took that opportunity to go shopping.  We needed mirrors for the bathrooms, curtain rods throughout the house (I had brushed nickel, but they need to be oil rubbed bronze in this house), a ladder, a steam mop and 2'' faux wood blinds for 12 windows.

With a fist full of BBB coupons and $300 worth of gift cards to Home Depot... I was off.

I returned to the apartment 99% packed and them ready to drive to the new house.  The unloading was super fast since they could just drop all the boxes in the garage.  I think we did get a little screwed with the cost of the movers because suddenly there was an extra $35 "supply fee" and a 10% "long walk fee" (since our apartment was apparently a long walk to their truck.  I questioned it - but The Husband was too tired to argue and gave them their money.

I'm going to spare you photos of boxes scattered throughout the house - so here are some of the pretty things I bought!

we had a fan installed in our master bedroom.  With a remote!

finally finished master bath with center slab installed. 

my new mirror

close up

curtain rods

I'll be back soon with more updates as our house gets closer and closer to presentable!

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