Friday, November 18, 2011

Bathroom Repairs.

This is what is currently in the playroom: 
Yea.  That's a bathtub.  That at one time was in the guest bath.  
But not anymore.

I noticed a small spot in the guest bath around the drain.  It looked like the finish of the tub was peeling up.  I called that handy-dandy home warranty and they came to take a look.
Apparently the porcelain was cracked from the drain being screwed in too tight??

That means they had to rip out a large percentage of the tile surround and the tub.  It made a huge mess.  They have already replaced the tub, but the tile won't be fixed until later this week.  
I'm going to walking through this house with a fine toothed comb before our one year warranty is up!

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