Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cold Blooded Killer.

A few weeks ago at about 9pm he "asked" to go outside to potty.  He ran through the backyard at a full sprint and then I saw something in his mouth.
Oh sh!t.  He caught a bunny.  
Cooper was gleaming with pride.  I know it's difficult to imagine a dog looking proud... but you could just tell.  He was pumped and walked with an extra bounce in his step. I tried not to cry and The Husband took care of the rest.  The Husband showered him with praise because he did "what he was born to do".  Ugh, whatever.  I moved on.

...until the next day when it happened again.

After the second death, we invested in chicken wire and wrapped it along the wrought iron part of our fence.  We hoped no more innocent creatures would enter the beast's domain.
For a solid month the chicken wire did it's part.
Armadillos stayed away and the bunnies lived to see another day.

Yesterday he was out in the yard sunbathing.   We were inside doing... who knows what.  Cooper started barking and I assumed it was a deer that passed by, or an animal in the greenbelt.  However, the barking didn't stop.  When I finally went outside and looked over the deck I saw a snake in the flower beds, and Cooper had it cornered up against the house.  ::cue screaming for The Husband::

One Husband and One shovel later... The snake didn't live to tell the tale of the beagle beast.
I'm so thankful Cooper didn't get bit, although after the killing we did some research and discovered it was a Hog Nosed Snake (not venomous).   

Sorry all you snake lovers.  He was hissing at my beagle... and he had to go.

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