Saturday, November 19, 2011


Due to some unforeseen family drama (don't y'all just loooooove that?  Especially around the holidays.  (eye roll).  Due to this, The Husband and I are hosting our very first holiday, ever.  

My immediate family all live (in the same city) 4.5 hrs away, The Husband's family all lives about 3.5 hrs away, forcing us to pick between our families for each major holiday.  Several years ago we worked it out to do a Thanksgiving/Christmas swap.  If we traveled to his family for Thanksgiving one year, we went to mine for Christmas - and vise versa the next year.  Which our families we really happy about... but we pretty much hate (only because of the traveling).  We are never home and holidays are full of driving, sleeping on uncomfortable beds, worrying about Cooper touching anything at my mom's house, etc.  Many people suggested we do a "faux" Holiday the weekend before so the events could individually be shared with both families... but that would pretty much wipe out every free second in November/December - so we only celebrate on the actual day, with that family.  

With said drama going down, we offered The Husband's mom to come to our house the weekend before Thanksgiving and we would celebrate with her before we hauled ourselves to my house (which is tomorrow!).  I am going to be responsible for 99% of the cooking and preparing.

I just returned from the (madhouse) grocery store where I promptly spent and entire week's food budget on one meal.  Thanksgiving isn't cheap, y'all.

My Thanksgiving Menu is as follows:

Deviled Eggs
Raw Veggies
Assortments of dips for said raw veggies

Main Course:
(photo from Real Simple)
Recipe In Link

Broccoli Cheese Casserole 
(photo from here, but I do not use their recipe!)
My recipe for Broccoli Cheese Casserole:
Long Grain White Rice (not instant!)
Frozen Broccoli
1 can of Cheese Whiz (not the spray, the can)
1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup

Instructions:  Cook Rice per instructions to serve 8.  Cook Broccoli on stove top per instructions.
Combine Rice, Broccoli and Cheese Whiz.  Mix in large bowl.  Stir in approx 3/4 of the can of cream of mushroom soup.  Pour into a large casserole dish.  You can refrigerate at this time if you want to cook ahead.  Or place into a preheated oven (350 degrees) for around 30 minutes to heat fully and brown the top just a bit.

(Photo and Recipe from link)

(Photo and Recipe from link)

Dinner Rolls
(photo from here)
I buy the frozen rolls that rise over 4-5 hours.  They are so fluffy and taste great.  I would share the brand that I use, but I just realized that I forgot to buy these at the store (arrrrrrrgh)... so I will have to return with that information once I get brave enough to enter the craziness that is HEB.  

Pumpkin Pie
(I use the recipe found here)
(photo from here)

It's going to be a carb-fest and I cannot wait.  
I have already made the pumpkin pie and broccoli cheese casserole, as those things can sit for a night.  I'm even going to do the potatoes before I go to bed.  That will only leave the turkey, veggies, and rolls to complete tomorrow morning.  I'm thinking it's totally manageable and I'm loving the possibilities for make ahead foods!  
Have any suggestions for last-minute additions to the menu?  I'll be sure to return next week with my own photos from our meal!

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  1. I'm debating if I should steal your broccoli or roasted veggie recipe fre Thanksgiving at my house next week. Hmmm... also, now that your sis is married (which I've gathered from fb lol) have y'all considered doing holiday rotations within immediate family so you don't always have to travel? I.e. my mom does Xmas, bro does Easter, we do Thanksgiving, etc. Traveling every holiday sucks.