Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The lot.

We took our weekly visit to our homesite on Sunday morning.  I was hoping to see some trees knocked down or something cool... but it looked pretty similar to what we saw last week.

So far, they have already done a 'rough' mark of where the footprint (4 corners) of the house will be on the lot.  Today we did notice they added a few flags where the back fence will run.

Our lot backs up to the greenbelt - which ensures no backyard neighbors... ever.  This privacy was something we are really looking forward to.  State law (or maybe neighborhood law?? who knows?) requires an iron fence when you back to greenbelt which is fine by us...  because that is less future maintenance, and it allows for great views into the wooded areas.  I can imagine Cooper (our beagle) having lots of fun trying to spot deer and another creatures.

Here are a few pictures I snapped during our visit.

The tree in the far left of the photo is the dividing line between our property and the neighbors.  The small yellow flag (just to the left of the stick in the front of the photo, and the flag is actually pretty far back) is the left corner of our house.  Isn't that "SOLD" sign the coolest thing since keyless entry?  'cause we all know that keyless entry in your car is way cooler than sliced bread. 
That big patch of tall oak tress in the center of the photo is where our backyard will be.  I'm not sure how many they'll be able to save in the building process... but they seem pretty confident.

This yellow flag is in the back of the property where the iron fence will be placed.  That the husband standing where the next marker is.  Any trees (or brush) behind this fence must stay.  

I added this photo because he's cute.  The last post's 'cute scale' was off the charts just by including our fab-o floor plan.  I feel like this post was lacking... because photos of dirt (with no house a top) isn't as fun.  However, throw a pointless photo of an adorable dog at the end of a post... and all is right with the world once again. 

p.s. That dog can't wait to pee in his very own backyard.  He told me last night at 11:45pm when he was scratching at the door to go potty.   can.not.wait.

p.s.s. Our design meeting to pick out all of the interior finishes is next week.  Get ready for some serious topics such as grout colors, back splash designs, and debates such as brushed nickel vs. oil rubbed bronze.... 
Who am I kidding????  Anything and everything "oil rubbed" is better.  Decision 1 of 1,000,000 - complete.  

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