Friday, February 25, 2011

Upgrade decisions. Help!

The husband has dawn a pretty clear line about the budget and what we can accommodate in "upgrades" through this design process (not including the upgrades we worked into our initial contract).  The budget: $1,000.  Fair enough.

Shower.  We are both in agreement that a larger shower needs to be a part of that money, so we have elected to upgrade to a 42''x42'' shower rather than the standard 36''x42''.  I know the 6 inches doesn't seem like much... but it's the difference between us both fitting together - or not.  And we like showers.  :)  I also think it will help fill that wall that I didn't like here a little better.  (the shower will now come out to the same width as the tub).  

Backsplash.  Much to my surprise, the backsplash I didn't like here was considered an upgrade - so I reallllly didn't like what they offered standard.  After a few batts of my eyelashes I got the husband on board with 4''x4'' travertine tiles on a diagonal.   They are beeeeautiful.  It will end up looking similar to this (without the accent tiles). (that "lip" of granite as part of the backsplash won't be there, either)

Window.  In the model home we first viewed there was a great window over the backdoor that kind of 'evened out' the balance on the back wall.  I noticed (after we signed the contract... ugh) that that window was an option.  I really think it looks better with the window...

without the window:

with the window:

Lighting.  Then comes the under cabinet lighting.  You all know how beautiful it came make a kitchen.  It's like the perfect piece of jewelry that "makes" your outfit complete.  The lighting would be pre-wired into the walls so they would turn on with a switch.  

(photos from google searches... I'm sorry I don't have the source)

upgraded shower:  $500
upgraded backsplash:  $200
added window:  $250
under cabinet lighting: $340
grand total:  $1,290
The husband informed me that it was $290 too much, and there wasn't much room for negotiations.  Bummer.  So, it comes down between the cabinet lighting or the window (neither of us want to  budge on the shower and backsplash).  

If it was you... which way would you go?  

Nix the window and have the lighting?
Nix the lighting and have the window?


  1. Nix the lighting and have the window. It's a lot cheaper to add under cabinet lighting later than to add a window!

    I never commented on the previous post, but I like the tile fireplace a lot more than the brick!

  2. I'm more of a fan of the lighting. That's something we left out at the last house and decided it wasn't worth the effort/ cost to add it back later in a compromised fashion. It's much harder to add a slight switch after the fact.
    You can always add a piece of wrought iron art or some other decor over the door to balance out the windows.

  3. I'd nix the lighting as well! It would be far easier to DIY the lighting later on, and you'll always think about the phantom window.

    Unless, like Teresa said.. you find some good art or mirror to put up there instead. The other benefit of the window however is the additional natural light.

  4. I'm more of a fan of the lighting and could probably do without the window. I think that wall looks fine without the window. Most people won't have the with and without visual image to compare- except for you and H.

  5. it's an even split. I'm seriously at a loss. The idea of ikea battery operated lights (we install) later are an option. I think I'm going to be sad either way... I just don't know what will be "worse".
    ...stupid budget.

  6. I say go with the window and nix the lighting as well. The window adds more natural light and will be harder to change later.

  7. Keep the window!

    The lighting is super easy to install later... and will cost a lot less to do later. The window, on the other hand, would cost a lot more to add later.

  8. Thanks everyone. A decision has been made and I'm working on a new post about it.