Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Tour, Part Four

You have now seen the floor planthe empty lotentry way, dining room, planning areakitchen, family room, master bedroom, and master bathroom.

Today I'm going to take you to the "kid's wing".  We don't have kids, yet, but it's in the plans.  Two of those little critters will be running a muck in our new house, eventually.  The right side of the house is dedicated to these phantom children - so let's take a tour of their digs.

 Guest/Kids Bathroom (the shower/toilet is through another door to the right)

This room is actually pretty small.  I am telling myself it's okay the bedrooms are small because the kids will have a nice, large, playroom.  (This room is actually 11'7''x10'3.5'')

Second guest bedroom.  (12'8.5''x10'3.5'').  I'm currently obsessing over the curtain rods.  I want 'em.

This is standing in the extended entry looking into the playroom (in an unfurnished home the builder is selling).  Our carpet will start about three tiles sooner (right after the arch).  Bedroom #3 and Bathroom is to the left, after the arch.  Bedroom #2 and linen closet is to the right.   The playroom is 16.5'x10'3.5''.

So there you have it... the tour is complete.  

Our decor meeting is Wednesday afternoon (today), so I fully expect to have decor posts coming out of my finger tips.  I already have lots of ideas I want to share with you all, and I'd love all your opinions and experience!  

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