Friday, February 18, 2011

The Tour, Part Two

Let's continue with our little tour and I can show you the kitchen and family room... along with all the exciting changes we've made. 

The photo above was taken while I was standing in the middle of the kitchen (with the breakfast area behind me).  This looks into the family room, towards the backdoor and master bedroom entrance.  I love the height of the ceiling and dramatic windows in this room.  
We will have to purchase blinds for each window before we move in and I expect a full blown tantrum-style fit from the husband at the checkout counter.  I've (semi) prepared him for the costs... but when he actually has to open his wallet, I'm sure he will swear that he had no idea the costs of blinds.  During his melt down at the store, I also am willing to place bets on the fact he will suggest taping newspaper up in the windows (or something equally as ghetto price conscious).  
I think we'll just cross that bridge when we get to it... hopefully not until late May.  
(The granite slab in these photos house looks kinda dinky because it's only 2cm.  We got the "standard" 3cm and it will hopefully look a little better)

Here is another view of the kitchen (photo taken in a 'stock home' of the same floor plan), while I'm standing in the breakfast area. 
Note:  We will have larger floor tiles. 
Note:  Our backsplash will be on a diagonal... and hopefully, then, I will like it.
Note:  We went back and forth 100 times on getting the brick fireplace above... or the wood/tile one in the first picture.  It came down to $1,000 and we decided to go with the first (cheaper) one.  Do you think we made the right choice?  Honesty is the best policy.
Note:  Dishwasher will be stainless.
Note:  Our oven will be something like this (Without the fancy backsplash):

View from the family room, into the kitchen.  Our tile will not follow those exact same borders... but you get the idea.  

Okay... so let's get real for a second... What do you think about the two fireplaces:
#1:  Cheaper.  Seems a bit more contemporary.  The tile will match the rest of the house (won't be the fugly tile they picked out for the model home).
#2:  Has a hearth.  Seems more "built in".  Has more drama.  

It's actually not too late to change my mind... so what do you think?  #1 or #2?


  1. I definitely prefer #1. It matches the rest of the house better I think.

  2. I like #1 - but if you don't like the tile backsplash there, can you customize and do something else? Maybe DIY it?

  3. I am a big fan of stone fireplaces, so my vote is #2. I feel like #2 is a strong decor accent where #1 is just a standard fireplace. My test is to picture family photos in front of what you're deciding on. It's definitely a personal preference, though.
    Also, did you ask about the cost of whole-house blinds? We installed our own on the last house, but got an incredible deal from the builder on this one.

  4. @Teresa - we did ask about the cost of blinds - and they weren't too much more than 'cost'. However, we didn't want to roll them into the mortgage and pay interest forever. Without a great deal, we decided to do it ourselves. Plus, I have visions of shutters...

    @Moni - DIY may be in our future with that fireplace... maybe some glass tiles or something fancy... I have a feeling it will be a while - but it's a possibility.

  5. I like #2. We have a fireplace that is basically identical to #1. It's nice but I much prefer stone. I actually wish ours was the big white stones. So if I had a choice, I would go with #2.

  6. Definitely #1. Sorry! You asked for honesty! I think with all the other upgrades you've got going for the house, the first option would match better. That said, my husband would probably vote for #2,because it's more old school (in his opinion) and he loves natural brick. Beautiful home!

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