Friday, February 11, 2011

The plan.

The plan is to build a home.  Our first home, together, as our own little family unit.  The husband and I have been married a little over two years now, and although buying a home wasn't in our plans for 2011, home ownership feels like the right move.

The combination of rising interest rates, along with our discovery of a fabulous neighborhood kick started the online searching... which turned into emails with a realtor... which evolved into 'scoping' out some homes on a Sunday afternoon in January.  After two weekends of looking at re-sales in our favorite neighborhood, our realtor asked us if we had considered building.  I laughed and told her that was probably out of our budget.  She encouraged us to consider meeting with a few builders the following weekend.  I told her I didn't think we were interested in building.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Then I let my curiosity kick in, and my fingers did some walking and... walllllahhh.  I was suddenly VERY interested in building.  We could get the same (or more) for our money on a new construction in our dreamy little neighborhood.  Two more Sunday afternoons meeting with builders, looking at model homes, walking around on empty lots of land and scouring our finances and suddenly, we were sold.

Meet our floor plan.  The 512a.  Isn't she pretty?  Spacious, one story, private master, playroom for our phantom children.  She is the total package.  The husband and I both love her.  We love her so much we want to move in.  But moving in without 'a date' isn't our style.... (or is it???).  So we've set a date.  June 2nd.  On June 2nd (111 days) she'll be all mine... um... ours.

The 512a is obviously a beauty, but she comes with some perks.  Land.  The idea of having our very own backyard is enough to get me all tingly inside.  My beagle will be in  heaven.  I, too, will be in heaven when I don't have to leash him and race down three flights of stairs to find a patch of grass.  This dog needs to potty at the most inconvenient times... and being able to open up the backdoor (bra-less) and have him tippy toe his own self to grass is so exciting... I might pee myself. 

So, this blog has started to document our building process to our family and friends, and anyone else who happens to stumble upon it.  We have already committed to taking the drive out to house (currently) empty lot each week to document the progress. Stay tuned.


  1. That's a big closet! Great floorplan; we are big fans of one-story houses as well.

  2. Such an exciting process! It looks like it is going to be a great house!

  3. Love it, that closet is dreamy! I so wish we could build our own house. How exciting! I think I would go crazy with all the options

    Can I make on, unsolicited opinion. Speaking from experience, I would switch the play room and bedroom 2. Or just make sure that the baby's nursery is always bed room #1 (but then be careful of sound carriage from the MB). Sofia's room is the room right next to the garage as well. Once she goes to sleep, we can't open the garage, pull our car in, or go into the garage for anything until she's awake. All the noise normally wakes her up. I suppose if your house is *really* well insulated (which would require a considerable upgrade) then it wouldn't be an issue.

    You might also ask some homeowner friends their opinions on what they dislike about their own houses. There are things about my house, that when I bought it, weren't a big deal. Now, I have a much better grasp on what I like and don't. That was hard to know before living in a house of your own.

    I'm sorry if it seems like I'm throwing a damper on your plans, I'm not. I've just lived in a very similar layout. Now I know what I didn't know before buying a house. And now I know what I didn't know about having a house and a baby. Of course, all babies are different. So, you might have a heavy sleeper that doesn't even wake to the fire alarm. :)

  4. Thanks, guys!
    @spanishbeauty08 - thanks for the heads up about sound issues. I think we would probably keep the nursery in bedroom #1... but we'll just have to see about the flushing of the toilet in the master bath.
    "They" say there is enough insulation that it shouldn't be an issue (with the garage... but you never know!

  5. Awesome floor plan! Can't wait to see pics of the progress. :)