Monday, February 21, 2011

The Tour, Part Three

Moving towards the back of the house into the Master Suite.  Ohhh la lahhhh.

It's hard to see where the Master bedroom entrance is.  My expert photoshop skills enabled me to create this graphic to make it much more clear:
Awesome graphics, Right?

Anywhoo... There is about three feet in the back of this photo (behind the wall... in the area where that fake tree is) that is tiled.  It's great, to me, because people can pop off their shoes and or not worry about tracking something directly onto carpet.  I'm a fan.

Master Bedroom:
 This is the view from the door.  I love the color on their walls... too bad that green would look heinous with my blue duvet...

awesomely large windows in the master.

Master Bath:
A post is coming soon about my internal struggles with that mirror.  (You can see the separate potty room on the right.  Apparently the fancy word for that is "water closet".)

Tub and Shower.  
I'm honestly not totally in *love* with this setup... but you win some and you lose some.  I'm  hoping the Oil Rubbed Bronze fixtures and shower surround will make it more my style.    

Cue the Trumpets....
This is the closet.  This photo doesn't even do the size close to justice.  It's seriously probably as large as the 2nd bedroom.  Gigantic.

The husband and I had a fight disagreement last night about this closet.  He insists the christmas tree and tubs of holiday decor must live in here (because it's so huge) - enabling him to never, ever, get anything out of the attic.  
freaked the eff out calmly disagreed, and told him holiday decor will "junk up" my beautiful closet.   I'm planning on this closet being a fantastic retreat.  That giant green tree will not interrupt my feng shui.  

p.s.  Compromise Complete.  The stupid tree and all the stupid tubs that go along with it will be stored in the guest room closet.  Not ideal, but isn't that what marriage is all about?!? :-)
I think the husband may have been scarred as a teenager being asked to fetch things from his parent's attic.  I guess it will take a while before I can get to the bottom of this "issue".  We've got at least another 60 years of marriage ahead of us... I'll figure it out, and report  back... Stay tuned.  


  1. This looks great!!!! What was the interviewing process like with the different builders? What made the builder you chose stand out against the rest?

  2. @ Lauren - The interviewing process was interesting. We actually had "decided" on another builder all together - but they wouldn't work with us on lot selections. When we went to builder #2 we found that their list of "standard features" was far and beyond builder #1. This enabled us to get a higher quality home built for the same 'list price' (we would have been forced to spend any extra money upgrading a home with builder #1 to make it what we wanted... where with builder #2 so many great things come standard our 'extras' are little picky things.
    I just asked question after question after question about what came basic long before we offered. We worked in our 'must have' upgrades into our contract price.

    All in all, the quality of the home really stood out and we're so happy the builder #1 deal never ended up in a contract. Our REA was also a great help because she had just worked with another family who used our builder and talked about their experience.