Monday, May 2, 2011

Construction: Days 37-39

We had a crazy busy weekend, but I managed to sneak back to the house on Saturday AND Sunday.  I know I say every stage is the "most exciting".  But seriously - this is some really exciting stuff.  
The house has lost it's echo, and it's really feeling like it's our home!
These photos are from Saturday (day 39).  Day 40 post is coming up.

Dining Room:  aka: Office.
All pink and fluffy... just how The Husband imagined.  har har har.

Laundry Room.  
The hoodlum 'art' has now been covered. 

Living Room.  Where they stored the drywall.  

Family Room


This is looking into bedroom #3 from the hallway to the garage.
They are drywalling over the window and then cutting it back out.

Extended entry way.

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