Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Construction: Days 52-55, with photo mania

Be forewarned, there is about to be a whole lotta pictures.
Every time I go into the house lately there are major things happening!

Exterior on May 16th.
(there is a line in the grout colors because the brick is really dusty... it won't look like that for long.)  The grout is still drying over the front door and the garage - so the grout will lighten to match the left side of the house over the next 4 days or so.  

Planning Area (between the kitchen and dining room... passthrough looks into the foyer).
The passthrough is supposed to have a granite slab there, not wood.

Don't you worry this bitch conscientious home buyer has already emailed them regarding the mistake...

Kitchen cabinets.  I am in love.  They are "knotty alder" with a deep brown, with a hint of reddish, stain.  I seriously love them.  

More kitchen, looking into the family room.  Oh, and yes, that is paint on the walls.  

This photo makes the tiles look fugly.  But they're not.  I had horrible lighting and had to use the flash.  

The beginnings of a fireplace.  It will be tiled and painted very soon. 

Master Bathtub.  I wanna get nekkid and enjoy that tub asap.  The tile that surrounds the tub is the same color that will be in the entry way and kitchen.  

Master Shower.  Doors to come. 

Master Bathroom vanity. 
I am really upset about this stupid vanity.  That "knee space" in the center (for a vanity chair) is NOT what I was expecting.  The model home and a spec home that we toured both had drawers in that center place.  In my opinion, drawers are WAY more functional than a spot for a chair.  
Also, I specifically asked them not to install the wall-o-mirrors so I could hang individual mirrors over the two sinks.  Now it's going to look like I'm the crazy lady that put a vanity in front of an empty wall.
Apparently the center drawers are an upgrade that I thought was standard and they never mentioned it.  
Not cool.
I'm not really accepting this is the way it's going to be.  I have several very clear emails (including photographs of what we were shown) with my realtor CCed on them.  She's going to call tomorrow and get some answers.  I hope she is on their ass like stank on poo.  

Another view of the master bathroom.  This is a pretty accurate color (on my computer) of the wall color throughout the house.  That small cabinet is a cool feature to store towels, shampoos, and all that other stuff that uglies up a bathroom.  

They haven't quite finished bricking the back of the house.  

Cooper visited his new home for the first time yesterday.  He was clearly unimpressed.  But you just wait, Coop-dogg.... this place is gonna be awesome.  


  1. YAY! It looks fantastic! It seems like it was all thie waiting at the beginning and now so much is getting done!