Thursday, May 12, 2011

Construction: Days 48-51

Our city hasn't seen rain in months.  
It's been a horrific dry spell and people were taunting the selfish clouds that refused to give 'it' up.  
Today, however, the clouds opened up and the rain came.  

I'm glad it's raining and hopefully the lakes will fill back up - but it's putting quite the damper (pun intended) on the brick work of our house.  I drove by today and they had made some progress in the last two days - but jumped ship today, due to the weather.  

Here is one of my favorite places in the house (as I'm sure you've noticed because I shoot from this spot all the time!)
Because they can't work outside, they have been inside doing "real" primer and installing the baseboards.  They're painting them today.  
(note that the trim work around the kitchen wall and doorway has not been painted yet)


They also installed all of our interior doors.  I love the detail work in them.  You can also (sorta) see that they installed the shelving in the pantry.  Remember, that trim work will be white - they just hadn't reached that point of the house yet. 

More doors.  That I love.  
(this is to bedroom #2 straight ahead, and bathroom #2 to the left)

I've gotta funny feeling we will be seeing cabinetry in the kitchen very soon! Squeeeeeee. 

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