Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Construction: Days 59-61

So far, this visit has been the most exciting.  It's amazing to see our choices coming to life.  The Husband and I are no interior decorators, but I think it looks pretty great, if-i-do-say-so-myself.   We purposely made some pretty "safe" choices in regards to the decor of the home.  

My feelings are that the base should be fairly neutral (within my taste) for re-sell purposes.  I want a home I love, but I also want a home that will sell, if necessary.  Thankfully, my (limited) 'style' pretty much falls in line with those needs.  

Exterior on May 23rd.
(the front door still needs to be stained, garage doors installed, light installed, landscaping...)

...and my pride and joy.  the backsplash.
This looks better than I could have imagined.  It's tumbled travertine 4x4 tiles, set on the diagonal.  
(no grout installed yet.  The grout will pretty much "match" the color tiles)

This is the other side of the kitchen (to the left of the fridge).  You can see the under cabinet lighting was also installed.  I really think it will "set off" the backsplash.  

 View from the family room
(the granite has plastic wrap on it)

This is the planning area between the dining room and kitchen (across from the laundry room).

Master Bath counter tops.  They are white 'cultured marble'. (with a film over them right now)
The center section won't have a top on it for a few weeks due to a mistake made on their part with the center part of the cabinets.  They installed a "knee space" (for a vanity chair), when I thought it would be a drawer stack.  Thankfully, they agreed to make the switch - but it may not come in until after we close.  

This is what they will look like.  

 Guest bath.  Same counter tops, same film. 

 And the back of the house.  Bricking is complete.  
They dumped all that dirt to start leveling out the landscape.  

Next week we will be getting sidewalks and a driveway!

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