Thursday, May 5, 2011

Construction: Days 41-43

Drywall is up!

They have been taped and mudded and the rounded corners have been installed, with the exception of the office and the master bedroom.  It looks so great.
Walking through the space now... it's starting to "feel" really good - like it could be our home.  When I think about all the memories that we will have in the house my heart feels like it is going to implode.

Entry Way

Dining Room/Office

I love this little passthrough in the foyer looking into the planning area

Kitchen and living room

Master Bedroom

Standing in the back entry way looking towards the front of the house. 

Standing in the playroom - looking towards the kitchen
The doorway to the right of the arch is the guest bathroom.
The doorway to the left of the arch is a linen closet.

Standing in the extended entry looking into the playroom. 

Bedroom #3.  (The one closest to the garage/front of the house)

 Standing inside bedroom #2 looking out.  (The doorway through the doorway is the guest bath).

Standing in Bedroom #2's doorway, looking across the playroom into bedroom #3's doorway.  

This is a cool detail in the extended entry way.  The ceiling cut it out is over the fridge and a few cabinets.  I think it helps make the long hallway of an entry not feel so "tunnel-ish".

Life is flying at a speed racer pace.  I can't wait to settle into this home and start creating memories!


  1. Its looking great! I'm happy for you guys.:) Such an exciting time in your lives!

  2. Thanks so much!!! It IS an exciting time. We've had a lot of family "stuff" coincide with this build... so there's lots of stressors right now. The house almost feels like a finish line. We'll be able to cross one huge stress off the list when we close!