Monday, May 9, 2011

Construction: Days 44-47

Texture on the walls!!

eeps!  Exciting stuff, ladies and gents.  Very exciting stuff. 

We are down to one month before our estimated close date.  

::insert panic::

I'm not sure how this house is going to be complete in one month - but hey - that's why I don't work in construction. 
 I also have NO concept of how long it should take to pack a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment.  I always pack waaaay to early (cause I'm so danged excitable).  I'm trying to be more reasonable... but I don't know what that feels like.

How early do you pack before a move?  When do I need to get this packing show on the road?

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  1. When we packed up our 2Bed/2Bath apartment I started around Thanksgiving (read-3 months before we needed to move). I packed all of our camping stuff (this chick isn't camping in the cold), and the summery stuff (again..its cold). I rode SO's butt about helping pack up our office, and go through stuff. I wanted to go through all of our crap and sort through things. Clothes that are 4 years too small, the expired Neosporin, etc. Turns out that my starting early meant I got burnt out and we ended up throwing things in trash bags as we moved out. We also had to separate things between stuff to the storage unit and things that needed to go to my parents house which is where we are staying until the house is complete.