Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Construction: Day 14-16

I guess this phase of construction is called "watching concrete dry".
It's super exciting.  And super affirming that they're going to finish on time.

When I drove by the house this morning they had chalked out where all the walls would go - so it was neat to 'walk through' our house and see where everything would be.  Everything still seems impossibly small, but I'm sure that's because there are no walls and my perception is with the great outdoors.  

I didn't even check my camera to see if the chalk lines showed up.  And they didn't.  So here is a shot of our concrete slab. 

Here you can see they knocked down an additional tree.  It was about 7 feet from the foundation, and although the builders/engineers said it was fine to be that close to the slab - it made The Husband very nervous.  His grandmother's house was wrecked with foundation issues and the trees seem to be an easy target.  I was sad to see this one go, but it wasn't worth The Husband's irrational fears for the next thirty-something years. 

You can see it here, before the slaughter:
(photo taken from the back side of the house)

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