Wednesday, April 20, 2011

stepping into the unknown.

The Husband and I had a long talk last night about the house.  If you don't know us, personally, let me introduce myself:  I am decisive.  When I make a decision I hit the ground running.  The husband needs time to "marinate" on most decisions in his life.  He marinates for days, weeks, months....

This house came to "be" on quite a bit of impulsiveness.  Not that we weren't founded, financially, for a decision like this... but it happened very quickly.  We weighed our options, make some decisions, and jumped.  Together.

Last night we were talking about his concerns (that have been marinating since we signed the contract in February) - and it all hit me like a mac truck.

oh. my. god.
we are buying a house.

we're spending a lot of money.
this is a huge commitment.
this could/will impact our future finances forever.
what if 'x' happens?
what will we do if we have an unplanned 'y'?
how will we manage the mortgage without 'z'?

Now, let me assure you that we are financially sound.  We had already thought about 'what ifs' and our plan if x, y, or z happens - but it never seemed like reality.  For some reason, last night, everything felt like a reality.  A big, heavy, reality.

I guess this is part of the process.  I've never had a mortgage before.  I've never had to write a down payment check with seven figures.  I've never had to commit to anything (other than my husband) for 30 years.  This is all new and exciting, although suddenly: very scary.


  1. Those reality checks hit hard!
    I am the same way as you in that I make a decision and stick with with while my fiance likes to mull it over for a while. We are buying a house that is already built (I am not as patient as you!) and close in 28 days. There are definitely those "what are we getting ourselves into?!" moments. But mostly it is exciting.
    ( (not sure how to make it a link, but if you wanted to check out my blog, it's about our house as well as other things, but like I said, we seem to have a lot in common)

  2. This happened to me when we were buying a house too. But, I can tell you that every month when I write the check to send off to my mortgage company, on MY house, it feels so much better than writing a check to an apartment complex who controls everything about your living arrangements. :) It's an exciting time, soak it up!

  3. We are going to be fine... But it's amazing how fast these fears snuck up on me. Thanks for the assurance that it's pretty normal. I think the fact that we signed the contract almost three months ago has given us too much time to fret. I'm just ready to move ahead and do it already!!!

  4. Your blog has been my inspiration/guide! We signed our contract at the beginning of the month to build our house on 2 acres, seeing your process and progress is keeping me going and planning ahead!! Started my blog (I may or may not have used the same layout :) )

  5. @Emily: Congrats on your "dream build". You're in my google reader and I'm looking forward to seeing your process. 2.033 acres sounds heavenly! We really considered something with more acreage, but decided against it due to our work schedules. Congrats again!