Thursday, April 14, 2011

Construction: Day 20-23

The roof has been framed out, the interior framing has been finished up, and they are starting to "wrap" the house.  I have a feeling shingles are coming soon!  Week four of construction is off to a great start!

You guys.  I am soooo excited.
I know the house isn't officially "ours"... and that it won't be until we close (they're estimating June 8th), but I have broken all the house buying rules and fallen totally in love with this house.  If anything happens (god forbid, knock on wood, all all those other things you say to avoid things sucking) during the final parts of this deal, I will be crushed.  I love our the house too much.  
And don't you just lurve the roof line??

here you can see the wrap process they've started.  You are looking at the back patio (covered) and the living room windows. 

 This is the entire right side of the house.  You can definitely see the breakfast nook window and the living room windows now!

I snapped this photo as quickly as possible because it's kinda awkward to photograph men who have been busting their balls in the heat doing construction - while you prance around photographing your the house.  
(I told The Husband that when I drive down next week, I'm going to bring cookies and water bottles.  I think they'll appreciate it... right?  We're building in Texas and it is already into the 90s every day.  I cannot imagine doing the hard labor these guys do!  And not only hard labor - detailed labor.  I'm impressed.)
This photo is the left side of the house.  It is the garage, then a window for bedroom #2, then a large window for the playroom, and then a window for bedroom #3.  You can't see the window from the master bath in the back... but it's there.

Shit's gettin' done.  I love it!

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