Friday, April 15, 2011

Construction: Days 24-25

I was so excited about the progress on Wednesday's visit - I went again today to see what was happening with the house.
We have windows!!!  Glass Windows!!
We also have an entry way that is not arched... gahhhhhh! :(   You can see in this post that the elevation we picked has an arch over the front porch.  I'm about to make another phone call about it. 

Back to the good stuff: 
Breakfast nook windows.

And they fixed the windows in the master bedroom!  yay!

And they installed these super cool vent things that keep the attic cool.  Apparently these are pretty energy efficient.  

Here is the back of the house!  

For those of you that have built homes... are these mistakes typical?  I feel like the construction quality has been very good - it's just these "tiny" details like Arched Entry Way, Three Windows in the Master Bedroom that seem to pass over them.  


  1. Yay! Its looking good, coming along nicely.:)

    Mistakes are pretty typical, especially if the same guys are doing multiple elevations for the same builder. Luckily, they will fix them for you!

    I'm betting that the arch part will come in when they do the masonry, and its just not at that stage yet. I think I remember that from when I built my first house.

  2. @Moni - you're right! I just got off the phone with the builders and they said the arch won't be there until they add masonry. I'm learning something new almost every day about this building process!