Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Construction: Day 18-19

After the window debacle, The Husband mentioned going out to the house again on Saturday to check the INSIDE of the house for any "oopsies".  So we did.  I'll take any opportunity to visit.

Here's what it looked like on Saturday afternoon (day 19).  They got a lot of work done on day 18 before they left! 
(and no interior mistakes!)
You can see the finished framing the garage and all exterior and interior walls.  The roof is next!

I went a little shutterbug crazy and took photos of every single inch of the house.  When I got home and uploaded them, I realized it looked like a bunch of wood and nobody would be able to differentiate between the rooms (except me).  So, I only included this one for today.
That is our front door and foyer.
(Pretend like you just walked into the front door).  Once you get to where the two slats of wood are (on the floor) - that will be a large archway.  The doorway that would be to your right (left in this photo) leads to the garage.  The door next to it is a closet.  To your left would be the entrance to the kitchen. 

I'm thinking a video tour is in order very soon.  I'll work on that next week. 

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