Friday, April 8, 2011

Construction: Day 17-18

Well, I guess once the concrete was dry someone put the pedal to the medal.  Look at my beautiful (slightly imperfect) house!
 There are walls, and places for windows, and doors, and EVERYTHING.
Who has two thumbs and is pumped about progress???? This girl.  

Here you can (sorta) see the big window that's in the breakfast area, and two small windows in the living room (look for the headers over the windows to find them).

And above, you can see the back of the house...

 where all the windows in the master bedroom are WRONG.  

#1:  There is currently four windows... and there should only be three
#2:  Three of those four windows in the flat out, wrong location.  

Trust me, we went over window locations in the "pre construction meeting" but I guess someone didn't take very accurate notes.
The window on the 'bay' (turn) is correct.  
The one to the right should not even be there.
The one to the left is about two feet too far to the left.  
The furthest one is about four feet too far to the left.  

Thankfully, it's just wood and can be re-done without too much issue.  The 'guy in charge' assured me they would get it fixed asap and he apologized for the mistake.  I guess it's not too big of deal.  When I called The Husband at work to tell him, he was all excited thinking we could get an extra window for "free".  Sadly, the way the windows are placed right now leaves exactly zero wall space for furniture and doesn't make sense at all.  It's got to be fixed.  

This is just a gentle reminder I need to continue my (obsessive) check ins.  


  1. So I started following your site a few weeks ago, and about 2 weeks ago the hubby and I signed the contract to begin our new home. Thanks for posting your experiences so others can learn from your experiences!

  2. Yikes! What would have happened if you had not been out there before they started more permanent work?

    That's kind of scary and definitely a lesson learned for me (if we ever build our own house)!

  3. Well, regardless where in the process of building I found the mistake - it would have been fixed. Thankfully, there was no sheetrock involved which just saved them time and money.

    We don't "own" the house yet because we haven't closed - so anything that isn't right must be fixed before we would agree to close.

    @susan: I'm glad you joined me on this crazy journey and good luck with your new home!!!
    @spanishbeauty08: We're probably what they consider "crazy owners" because we go out there at least three times a week and just walk through the house. Really, I'm just very interested in the process... but I'm glad we caught the mistake!