Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Construction: Day 26-30

The house has been "dried in".  Which apparently means that if it rains water should not be able to access the interior of the house.  I'm not so sure... but okay.
Today I noticed there were doing the air conditioning tubing and venting to the exterior.  I also took a peek inside and they were framing up the "peninsula" in the kitchen and the wall that encloses the fridge.  

Here's exterior shot on Day 30:

You can see in the center of the exterior wall where a vent is sticking straight out.  This is where our stove vent will be in the kitchen.

Here are the damn windows again.  I couldn't go inside the house to measure (workers there) - so I'm not sure if they're right or have been changed since my email.  I'm tired of thinking about these stupid windows. 

Thirty days into this construction process... I can not believe it's ONLY been 30 days.  It feels like we've been dealing with this house and stressing about this house, and worrying about finances and mortgages, and f*cking window configurations for 3 years.  

I'm tired of building a house.  I just want it to be done, and for us to move in - and move on with our lives.  The holding pattern is hard.  

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