Monday, April 4, 2011

Construction: Days 10-13

With word that the foundation would be poured in the latter part of this week, I snuck out of work a little early on Friday and drove straight to the home site.  Sadly, there was no foundation - but it still had some pretty big changes.  

you can see here that they have dug trenches in a grid throughout the house.  I'm assuming this will all be filled with concrete when the foundation is poured to make it more stable. 

You can see the red/blue pipes for hot/cold water that will run through the house.  

Tapped into the sewer lines.

The husband and I went out again on Saturday afternoon to see if they poured that morning.
We were so pleased to see the concrete truck still there - and everyone working!

After they finished pouring they had some kind of 'buffer' that they used over the entire foundation

Basements don't really exist in Texas, but you can see the slight dip in the foundation where the garage and front porch will be.  There's a dip in the back for the patio as well.  

Hip Hip Hooray!  They're now saying we should be able to move in no later than June 15th.  We're down to 73 days.  They took forever to get started, but I think is going to be a quick build!!

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